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Topic: Pharmacy Technician

General Purpose: To InformSpecific Purpose: Inform on what is a Pharmacy Technician


I. Attention Getter: How would you feel if you were in desperate need of a medication and no one as at the counter to attend you? II. Orient the Audience: A Pharmacy Technician is the first person you meet when you go to the counter to drop or pick up a medication. III. Need To Know: A Pharmacy Technician to a Licensed Pharmacist is like a secretary to a lawyer, without one another they don’t function correctly. In our society there is always a middle man. (simile). At one point in our lives we will need the assistance a doctor for ourselves or a loved one, and if you are prescribed a medication a Pharmacy Technician is the person who is responsible for preparing it. IV. Establish Credibility: I’m currently enrolled at Southeastern College for the Pharmacy Technology program. V. Preview Main Points: Today we will discuss..a. The History of Pharmacy Technicians
b. What Pharmacy Technicians Do
Lets move on to our first point…


I. Point 1: History Of Pharmacy Technicians
a. Like many allied health professionals, pharmacy technicians evolved over time, from an informal position in a corner pharmacy to a specialized training certification. This change became more evident when pharmacist began handling various prescription drugs and became more involved in helping patients. b. In the 1950’s, The American Society for Hospital Pharmacist (ASHP) began to push for what we now call pharmacy technicians to assist with hospital pharmacies. The National Association Of Retail Druggist (now known as National Community Pharmacist Association) delayed the development of the profession for many years, but it took hold in the hospitals. c. The Armed forces introduced formal training for pharmacy

technicians in the 1940’s. d. The Department of Health, Education and Welfare (DHEW) recommended formal training for “pharmacist aides” in 1968 around the same time that the hospitals began formally training.e. According to “Council On Credentialing Pharmacy 2010”, the ASHP issued training guides to the hospitals in 1980.(according to f. Due to the response of the DHEW, community and career colleges started offering training programs in the 1970’s Now that we have discussed the History Of Pharmacy Technicians lets move…. I. Point 2: What Pharmacy Technicians Do.? *visual aid

a. Pharmacy Technicians work under direct supervision of a Licensed Pharmacist. i. She/he helps with obtaining information from the customer to prepare the medications. ii. If a customer has a question in regards to a medication or a health related question, the pharmacist technicians’ job is to arrange for the customer to meet with the pharmacist. b. Pharmacy Technicians also help the pharmacist to dispense prescription medications. iii. They assist by counting the amount of tablets and the measurement amounts for each prescription (according to iv. They are also responsible for mixing medications, like if it was mixing ointments. Pharmacy Technicians are like painters, they mix so many colors and at the end it becomes a masterpiece.(simile) v. Also, they package and label prescriptions and accept payments for prescriptions and process insurance claims. vi. When not busy with a customer, they do clerical jobs 1. Ex. Like answering phones

2. Reviewing prescriptions with Dr. Office
3. Provide advice for non-prescription medication Lets wrap up

I. Summarize Main Points:
a. Today we have discussed
i. The History Of Pharmacy Technicians
ii. What Pharmacy Technicians Do

II. Establish Where To Go From Here:
b. If you are interested in more information go online to or contact your local hospital or pharmacy III. Final Note:
c. “A mission statement without actions and results is worthless.” Mike Johnston, CPhT, NPTA Founder
Remember, you never know when you or a loved one might get sick, and is in need medication. It’s nice to know that when you arrive at your pharmacy, there is someone there waiting for you… A Pharmacy TechnicianSources:
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