Bronte’s The Professor

An overview of Charlotte Bronte’s first novel, describing the novel’s basis, narrator, and key characters.

This paper begins with a description and overview of Charlotte Bronte’s `The Professor`. Then a fundamental analysis and interpretation of the literary work are presented. Positions such as how this novel describes Charlotte Bronte’s personal feelings of passion, love and uncertainty are revealed throughout the material.
Although The Professor may be considered as a weak addition to Bronte’s portfolio of literary works, Bronte ultimately earned fame for her writings including the contribution of novels such as Jane Eyre and Shirley.

Like her successful pieces, Bronte portrays in The Professor her personal encounters in relationships, personal struggles and the yearning for love. As the novel relates, Bronte herself went to boarding school in Brussels in 1842 along with her sister Emily. While attending the school, Bronte fell in love with a married man, who was the head of the institution. The feelings that Bronte experienced were not mutual. Because of this, Bronte spent a good deal of time in distress and pain over the situation.

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